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Glaucoma Doctor

March 26, 2022 66 people Latest news

Glaucoma is a disease where the pressure of the eye becomes high damaging the nerve fibers that form the optic nerve. This nerve carries the visual information from the eye to the brain and therefore, any damage to the nerve fibers causes defects in the visual area and results in decreased vision. If not treated in time, this may even lead to blindness. Normally an eye has a certain pressure - 11 to 21 mm Hg (like a balloon filled with water), which is required for the eye to function in a healthy way. This pressure is created by a fluid called aqueous humor, which is continuously formed and drained out from the eye throughout life. Any disturbance in maintaining this delicate balance leads to high pressure, which in turn damages the nerve fibers. The symptoms of glaucoma vary, depending on the type of glaucoma. These broadly depend on the exit channels for fluid inside the eye situated at the angle of the anterior chamber of the eye. OPEN ANGLE GLAUCOMA is the silent chronic variety. It does not have any symptoms in the early stages and is mostly picked up during a routine eye examination by the eye surgeon. Later there can be a feeling of heaviness in and around the eyes, headache, and frequent change in spectacle number or even inability to see certain areas in the field of vision around us.

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