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Retina Specialist in Saraswati Vihar

June 07, 2022 21 people Latest news

Retina specialists are specialized eye doctors who treat only diseases of the retina. We are medical doctors that are board-certified in Ophthalmology, a specialty of medicine/surgery that deals with the diseases of the eye and the surrounding tissues. These tissues include the eyelids, eye muscles, eye orbit/socket, optic nerve, and the optic tracks as they run from the back of the eye to their final destination in the occipital lobe, in the back of the brain. Because of the many different aspects necessary for the proper function of the eye, ophthalmology has been divided into a number of subspecialties. One of these is the specialty of the retina. Becoming a retina specialist requires a two-year fellowship beyond the standard ophthalmology residency. The retina specialist focuses his work on the retina, which is the sensory portion of the eye, the vasculature that supports the retina, and out of necessity, the vitreous which is the jelly material that fills the central cavity of the eye. The retina specialist is most often called upon when vision can no longer be improved after appropriate glasses have been prescribed and/or cataract surgery is performed to determine the cause of the persistent decreased vision, or when any abnormality is noted in the back of the eye on routine eye examination. If you are looking for experienced retina specialists, look no further than Tetravue Superspeciality Eye Centre! We are pleased to offer advanced retina treatment and services to patients.

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