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Pentacam Test

June 14, 2022 13 people Latest news

Safety for our patients is our first priority when it comes to laser vision correction. Not only must the health of the eyes and the patient be considered, but some critical standards of eligibility must be met. Testing of the eyes with scans and devices not normally used in routine eye exams help to include or exclude persons seeking laser eye surgery to make it the safest possible choice for each patient. Since laser vision correction is done on the cornea, the health and integrity of that part of the eye is critical for safe and predictable outcomes. Previously, doctors only had scans such as corneal topography as a method of measuring elevations, irregularities, and curvature of the cornea. These topography scans are capable of showing possible problem areas but are limited to a view of the front surface of the cornea only. Subtle abnormalities of the back or posterior surface of the cornea are impossible to measure with conventional instruments. These subtle abnormalities of the backside of the cornea are often responsible for unpredictable and sometimes very poor visual outcomes after laser surgery.

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