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Cornea Specialist

June 25, 2022 49 people Latest news

The Cornea Unit at Tetravue Superspeciality Eye Centre Consists Of Well-Trained Corneal Surgeons And Is Well Equipped With Instrumentation And Technology To Provide State-Of-The-Art Care For Patients Suffering From A Wide Variety Of Corneal Diseases. The Cornea of the eye is a transparent layer at the front of the eye, which contributes to 2/3rd of the eye’s optical power, and also plays a large role in the clarity of vision. You can compare it to the glass of your watch which needs to be clear in order to see the time on the dial. Infections or immune reactions in the cornea are referred to as “Keratitis”. When the infection penetrates to cause the breakdown of the intact layers of the cornea of the eye, it is often referred to as a “CORNEAL ULCER”. These are usually accompanied by loss/reduction of transparency of the cornea, and hence the primary complaint of a patient presenting with central keratitis would be blurring of vision. These are relatively rare conditions involving the cornea of eye and may affect one or both eyes. Often they are idiopathic, meaning has no known cause. Typically they cause worsening of vision and have a tendency to relapse even after they are operated on. Tetravue Superspeciality Eye Centre to master the art of these cornea transplant surgeries.

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