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OCT Test

August 02, 2022 15 people Latest news

Digital retinal cameras which take a photograph of the back of your eye have been around for some years. They are invaluable for helping your optometrist to diagnose certain diseases. Their major drawback however is that they only take a 2D image of the very top layer of the back of your eye. Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT for short, takes things a step further by taking an extremely detailed 3D image of the many different layers of the back of your eye. This is vitally important because many eye diseases begin beneath the surface of your eye. An OCT can 'see' the signs of these diseases much earlier than a retinal camera, making effective treatment far more likely. OCT can detect signs of glaucoma, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and more at an incredibly early stage. Any one of these eye diseases is potentially sight-threatening. OCT is non-intrusive, painless, and works by taking tens of thousands of photographs that make up a detailed 3D model of your eye. It does all this in just a few seconds! The resulting image allows your optometrist to view the condition of your eyes beneath the surface!

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