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September 21, 2022 48 people Latest news

Any floating objects, light flashes, or visual obstructions call for an instant visit to your eye doctor. Go to the emergency department if you are unable to see your doctor. These disruptions could be signs of a retinal detachment, retinal tear, or retinal hole if they appeared suddenly. You can reduce your risk of losing your vision by visiting the doctor during the first 24 hours. Eyes that are dry and red may mean dry eye syndrome, which can be tested and treated. It’s also possible that allergies are to blame. Your ophthalmologist may recommend taking an antihistamine, but it’s also possible that you may benefit from eye drops that are more localized. Plus, the less rubbing you do, the less chance of infection there is. Eye exams are an important part of staying healthy. They can even pick up things that a general physical exam can’t. If you notice any of the above signs, schedule an appointment with eye doctor in bali nagar right away. You’ll be glad you did.


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