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Glaucoma Specialist

September 28, 2022 78 people Latest news

Optic nerve damage from glaucoma affects your eye. The most common cause is an accumulation of fluid in the front of the eye. Your eye's pressure rises as a result of the additional fluid, which harms the optic nerve. Your eye is always amusing itself with water. The same amount of aqueous should drain out as new aqueous enters your eye. The drainage angle is the location where the fluid exits. The intraocular pressure, or IOP, in the eye, is maintained via this process. However, fluid accumulates if the drainage angle is not functioning properly. As the pressure inside the eye increases, the optic nerve is harmed. The optic nerve is made of more than a million tiny nerve fibres. It is like an electric cable made up of many small wires. As these nerve fibres die, you will develop blind spots in your vision. You may not notice these blind spots until most of your optic nerve fibres have died. If all of the fibres die, you will become blind.


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