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Best Glaucoma Specialist

January 29, 2023 28 people Latest news

Best Glaucoma Specialist in Connaught Place; An eye condition called glaucoma can harm your optic nerve. Your eyes send visual data to your brain via the optic nerve. Although it's not always the case, extremely high pressure inside your eye might cause glaucoma. Your optic nerve tissue may degrade over time as a result of the increasing pressure, which might cause vision loss or even blindness. Early detection may allow you to stop further eyesight loss. Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most prevalent form of the disease. Except for a progressive loss of vision, it shows no indications or symptoms. You should therefore get yearly complete eye exams so that your ophthalmologist, or eye specialist, can keep track of any changes in your vision. A medical emergency is acute-angle closure glaucoma, also known as narrow-angle glaucoma.


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